Effluent Monitoring as per Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Ballast Water Management Systems (Bwms)

Effluent Monitoring as per Vessel General Permit (VGP)

As of December 2013, Vessels that operate a BWMS in waters subject to the VGP (U.S. waters) must collect and analyse treated Ballast Water samples for selected biological indicator organisms (and additional analyses depending on the specific BWTS technology). Monitoring and analysis must be conducted in specified intervals as per VGP section 2.2.3 by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories following EPA’s 40 CFR part 136 methods.


Our Services
Sampling according to ETV Protocol, as well as BWMS code and Field Testing acc. To 40 CFR 136.3 methods.

Testing and sample Analysis by ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory, in accordance to EPA 40 CFR 136.3 methods.

VGP compliance reporting.

Consulting and guidance on VGP requirements and Regulations.


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